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07-06-2018 More Powerful ThermoLite™ Solar Panels from Thermo King for Greater Sustainable Power Management
17-05-2018 Thermo King Introduces the Power of Connectivity to its Vehicle-Powered Transport Refrigeration Units
04-05-2018 The sustainable cold chain – 6 ideas for cutting back on emissions
24-04-2018 Thermo King Adds New Models to its B-Series All-Electric, Zero-Emission Transport Refrigeration Units
15-03-2018 Electric and Hybrid Transport Refrigeration from Thermo King and Frigoblock at CV Show 2018
23-02-2018 Thermo King Recognizes 2017 Dealer Award Winners
01-02-2018 Thermo King SLXi Hybrid Trailer Refrigeration Unit Receives 
European Transport Award for Sustainability 2018
25-01-2018 Henderson’s SPAR Fleet in Northern Ireland Cools with Thermo King SLXi Units
12-01-2018 Thermo King Partners with VTS for Better Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Transportation and Logistics
28-11-2017 Thermo King Introduces New Energy Logging Software
 for Magnum Plus Reefer Units
21-11-2017 Thermo King Introduces Innovative SLXi Hybrid Trailer Refrigeration Units
09-11-2017 Thermo King Showcases New Customer-focused Solutions at the Intermodal Europe Show in Amsterdam
26-10-2017 Thermo King and Frigoblock Bring the Future of Transport Refrigeration to Solutrans 2017 in Lyon, France
10-10-2017 Thermo King to Address Sustainable Passenger Mobility Technologies at Busworld Europe 2017
19-09-2017 Thermo King Professor Kool Best Practice Videos Unveil Expert Insights on the Refrigeration Units’ Operations
16-08-2017 Thermo King Manufacturing Facility in Galway, Ireland with Zero Waste to Landfill
26-06-2017 Thermo King Recognized as the Best Brand by Readers of German Trade Magazines
05-04-2017 Thermo King Recognizes 2016 Dealership Excellence
21-03-2017 Thermo King Introduces New All-Electric, Zero-Emission B-100 30 Refrigeration Unit for Small Trucks and Vans
14-03-2017 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK to Showcase Transport Refrigeration Solutions for Today and Tomorrow at CV Show 2017 in Birmingham
08-03-2017 Product enhancements on the Direct Drive range
16-02-2017 Thermo King Premiers the New SLXi Units at the Transpotec Show in Verona, Italia
15-11-2016 Thermo King SG-3000 Gensets Chosen for Qatar’s New Hamad Port, the Largest Port Project in the Middle East.
26-10-2016 Thermo King to Address Customer Needs for Marine Temperature Control Technologies at the Intermodal Europe Show
28-09-2016 Thermo King Heat Pump Air-Conditioning Units Equip VDL Bus & Coach Electric Buses in Germany and the Netherlands
21-09-2016 Thermo King Unveils Intelligent Solutions for the Future of Refrigerated Transport at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show 2016
13-09-2016 Thermo King Showcases Customer-Proven Climate Control Solutions for Rail Systems at InnoTrans in Berlin
28-07-2016 Thermo King Set to Innovate at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover, Germany
27-06-2016 Thermo King Wins Prestigious Best Brand Award from German Trade Magazines
23-06-2016 Fowler Welch halves CO2 emissions with UK first eco trailer
26-04-2016 Thermo King Introduces New V-200s Series of Compact and Powerful Refrigeration Units for Small Delivery Vans and Trucks
08-04-2016 Swedish Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Sales and Service Network is Now Combined as Part of Thermo King Svenska AB
08-04-2016 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Address the Environmental Challenges of Refrigerated Transportation at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2016
30-03-2016 New animated Direct Drive video announced
22-03-2016 Thermo King ThermoLite Solar Panels for Continuous Charging and Extended Refrigeration Units’ Battery Life
16-02-2016 Thermo King Cools the Innovative DHL 'Double Decker High-Loader' Airline Catering Concept Truck
17-11-2015 Thermo King Announces New Standard Refrigerant in its Complete Portfolio of Truck and Trailer Units in Europe
17-11-2015 Thermo King Launches TracKing - Marine Gensets Telematics Solution
03-11-2015 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Present Comprehensive Portfolio of Refrigerated Transportation Solutions at Solutrans
02-11-2015 Thermo King Highlights Advanced Marine Solutions at Intermodal Europe 2015
26-10-2015 Thermo King GDP Pharma Refrigerated Trailer Units in DB Schenker Fleet
20-10-2015 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Showcase Wide Portfolio of Transport Refrigeration Options at BedrijfsautoRAI
19-10-2015 Thermo King High Performance Truck Units Compatible with Next Generation Low GWP Refrigerant Now Available in Europe
16-10-2015 Ingersoll Rand’s Thermo King Acquires Celtrak a Global Leader in Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions
16-10-2015 Thermo King Showcases New Technologies and Sustainability-Driven Solutions at Busworld Kortrijk 2015
16-10-2015 Thermo King Launches Innovative Heat Pump Technology for Electric and Hybrid Buses
30-09-2015 Thermo King Whisper™ Technology in Musgrave Wholesale Partners’ New, Quiet and Efficient Distribution Fleet
25-09-2015 Double Success for Thermo King at the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Awards
11-09-2015 Thermo King Showcases Latest Technologies in Sustainable Transport Refrigeration at the TCS&D Exhibition 2015
09-09-2015 Complete Range of Thermo King Single- and Multi-Temperature SLXe Trailer Units with R-452A Refrigerant Now with ATP Certification
08-07-2015 Thermo King SLXe Trailer Refrigeration Solutions with R-452A Reach 500 Units Sold in Europe
16-06-2015 Thermo King Honoured for 11th Consecutive Year in the “Best Brand” Awards Survey by German Trade Magazines
28-05-2015 Road Transport and Thermo King Head Towards Environmental Performance with EcoWise™ Product Portfolio
20-05-2015 Re-designed global Dealer Locator website offers enhanced search options
20-05-2015 Safeguard your cargo with the Thermo King Alarm Codes tool
12-05-2015 Enterprise Flex-E-Rent Expands its Temperature Controlled Rental Fleet with Thermo King Units
21-04-2015 Thermo King Trailer Refrigeration Units that Reduce Global Warming Potential Hit the Road in Europe
08-04-2015 Thermo King Latest Technology and Sustainable Advancements in Transport Refrigeration at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2015
17-03-2015 Thermo King Recognizes 2014 Dealership Excellence
13-03-2015 Thermo King Leaders Discuss Case Studies of CO2 Sustainable Delivery at ATMOsphere Conference in Brussels, Belgium
09-03-2015 Farmexim Improves Distribution of Critical Pharmaceuticals with Updated Thermo King Refrigerated Trucks
05-03-2015 Ingersoll Rand Acquires FRIGOBLOCK
10-02-2015 Thermo King V-800 MAX Spectrum Delivers Increased Flexibility and More Powerful Multiple-Temperature Transportation
04-02-2015 Thermo King Shows How to Extend Shipping Distance while Maintaining Cargo Quality at FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin
30-01-2015 Thermo King Dealership Network Grows to Provide More Extensive Service to Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
26-01-2015 Thermo King Shows How to Extend Shipping Distance while Maintaining Quality During Transport of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at FRUIT LOGISTICA
25-11-2014 Delhaize Belgium is First to Sustainable Delivery with CryoTech Temperature Controlled Solutions
24-11-2014 Thermo King Voted 2014 OEM of the Year, Wins Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Award
13-11-2014 New Thermo King Passive Refrigeration Concept Delivers Continuous Cold Chain Operations
12-11-2014 Thermo King Offers New Choices to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Intermodal and Marine Transport Refrigeration
07-11-2014 New Thermo King Active Controlled Atmosphere Solution Extends Shipping Distance and Maintains Quality of Fresh Goods
06-11-2014 Thermo King Advances Temperature Control Technology through Revolutionary Solutions Introduced at Intermodal Europe
09-10-2014 VDL Bus & Coach Equips Their Hybrid Buses with Tailored-Made Thermo King Air-Conditioning Units
01-10-2014 Thermo King Offers New Choices to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Transport Refrigeration
24-09-2014 Thermo King Unveils the Latest Technology and Sustainable Advancements in Transport Refrigeration at IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2014
22-09-2014 Thermo King Discusses Innovative Climate Control Solutions for Rail Systems at InnoTrans in Berlin
12-09-2014 Thermo King to Mark Important Milestones and Unveil New Customer-Driven Solutions and Services at IAA
22-07-2014 Thermo King Voted “Best Brand” by Reputable German Trade Magazines for the Tenth Consecutive Year
08-07-2014 Dixon International Selects Thermo King TracKing™ for Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
24-06-2014 Transit Buses on the Road to Sustainability with Thermo King Athenia E-Series Air-Conditioning Modules
09-06-2014 Whisper-Quiet and PIEK-Certified Multi-Temperature SLXe Spectrum Unit Delivers Peak Performance
09-06-2014 Thermo King Extends Warranty on Vehicle Powered Refrigeration Units in Europe, Middle East and Africa
15-04-2014 Thermo King Keeps it Cool and Quiet at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2014
09-04-2014 Asda on Track to Achieve Sustainability Goals with Greener, Quieter Fleet
02-04-2014 Japan’s Kyowa Shipping Expands Fleet with MAGNUM PLUS Reefers
26-03-2014 Thermo King Celebrates 2013 Dealership Performance Excellence Awards
21-03-2014 Thermo King Delivers Peace of Mind with CARB Compliant Genset Platform
28-02-2014 Hospital of Southern Jutland Selects Thermo King ColdCube™ Pharma Containers For Secure Pharmaceutical Transport
10-02-2014 Keeping the 2014 Winter Games Cool: Thermo King mobile service centre provides 24/7 support to refrigerated delivery vehicles during the Winter Games
28-11-2013 Thermo King TouchPrint Data Logger Offers Data Transparency for Increased Load Protection
25-11-2013 Thermo King CryoTech Range Recognized with European Transport Award for Sustainability 2014
14-11-2013 Thermo King Introduces New PIEK-Certified Refrigeration Unit for Quiet Distribution
12-11-2013 Thermo King Showcases Innovative Solutions for Urban Distribution at Solutrans
21-10-2013 Mediplus Selects Thermo King to Provide Stable and Secure Temperature-Controlled Environment for Transportation Fleet
10-10-2013 Thermo King Showcases New Customer-Driven Solutions at Busworld Kortrijk 2013
09-10-2013 Thermo King Athenia Bus Air-Conditioning Modules Optimize Operational Efficiency and Increase Sustainability
07-10-2013 Tesco on the Road to Fulfill its Environmental Goals With the Help of Thermo King Truck and Trailer Solutions
29-08-2013 Thermo King Introduces PharmaSolutions, a Comprehensive Offering Dedicated Exclusively to the Pharmaceuticals Industry
08-08-2013 Thermo King Introduces New V-600 and V-800 Series of Powerful Refrigeration Units for City Distribution
25-07-2013 Thermo King Expands its Dealer Network in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States
04-07-2013 New Generation of Thermo King CryoTech Range Delivers Improved Performance and Advanced Fleet Management Capabilities
19-06-2013 Readers Recognise Thermo King as Best Brand for Record-Breaking Ninth Consecutive Year
17-06-2013 Thermo King and Envirotainer Celebrate the Shipment of 1000th Air100-RKN e1 Refrigeration Unit
11-06-2013 New Version of Thermo King Professor Kool Training Tools Help Fleet Operators and Drivers Optimize Performance
03-06-2013 Thermo King Celebrates a 75-Year Legacy of Innovation for the Transport Temperature Control Industry
24-05-2013 Thermo King Leader Discusses Best Practices for Rail Carriages at Third Annual Modern Railways Conference in Singapore
22-05-2013 Thermo King Celebrates 2012 Dealer Award Winners
15-04-2013 New Thermo King Rail Maintenance Facility Opens in Suburban Melbourne, Australia
09-04-2013 Thermo King Mobile ColdCube™ Containers Provide Precise Temperature Control and Easy Transport
05-03-2013 Thermo King Successfully Pilots Industry’s First Refrigeration Unit Powered by a Light Commercial Van Battery
28-02-2013 Whisper Option for Thermo King SLXe Trailer Refrigeration Units Helps Ensure Lowest Possible Noise Levels
22-11-2012 Thermo King Introduces Its Most Advanced Genset Platform Which Exceeds Compliance Requirements
14-11-2012 Thermo King recognizes STAF with Energy Efficiency Leader Award
06-11-2012 New Range of Thermo King SLXe Trailer Refrigeration Units Wins Innovation Award
17-10-2012 SPAR Converts Fleet to Innovative, Cost-Saving, Cooling Technology That Increases Efficiency and Sustainability
15-10-2012 Coop Logistik AB Redesigns Transport Logistics to Increase Sustainability, Significantly Reducing CO2 Emissions
19-09-2012 New Thermo King Athenia Bus Air Conditioning Modules Provide Increased Energy and Operational Efficiency and Sustainability
19-09-2012 New Range of Thermo King Road Transport Refrigeration Units Offer Even Greater Industry-Leading Fuel Efficiency
19-09-2012 Thermo King Zero Emissions Trailer Unit Optimizes Power Management and Minimizes Energy Consumption
01-09-2012 Thermo King Unveiling New Customer-Driven Solutions at IAA
01-08-2012 New Range of Thermo King Road Transport Refrigeration Units Offer Even Greater Industry-Leading Fuel Efficiency
26-06-2012 Thermo King Receives Ninth Consecutive AFSCA for Best Reefer Cargo Equipment Provider – Sea Freight
05-06-2012 Readers Recognise Thermo King as Best Brand for Record-Breaking Eighth Consecutive Year
14-05-2012 Thermo King Launches SLXe-300 Ferry for Growing Mid- and Long-Haul Ferry Market
01-05-2012 Thermo King Offers Industry’s First Innovative Microchannel Coils on Segment Leading T-Series Units
17-02-2012 Telematics article for Thermo King media
01-02-2012 Thermo King Undermount Truck Solutions for Straight Trucks and Drawbar Trailers Save Fuel and Increase Refrigeration Capacity and Sustainability
12-01-2012 Intermodal strategies for UK railways

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