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New Generation of Thermo King CryoTech Range Delivers Improved Performance and Advanced Fleet Management Capabilities


Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, introduces the new CryoTech range with the class-leading Thermo King SR-3 CryoTech controller.

Delivering superior refrigeration, the CryoTech technology uses liquid carbon dioxide (R-744) in an innovative open-loop system. The recycled R-744 used for cooling is a byproduct of ammonia production, which generates no new greenhouse gas emissions.

Thermo King CryoTech units achieve a significant reduction in emissions and improved performance over conventional diesel-powered units. The system allows for rapid temperature pull-downs, making it a perfect fit for the distribution market where the cooling unit is often interrupted as drivers deliver goods at multiple locations.

In addition, the CryoTech units are PIEK certified and an estimated 90 percent quieter than conventional diesel refrigeration units, making them virtually silent. So these solutions are ideal for day or night-time distribution in urban areas.

The new SR-3 CryoTech controller, which uses the industry’s most advanced temperature control algorithms, brings new telematics features to the CryoTech range. The SR-3 provides extremely fine single- and multi-temperature control of up to three zones, improving temperature control by up to 50 percent over the existing CryoTech range. In addition, the new controller employs a highly intuitive, easy-to-use interface and offers displays with support for nine languages.

“The more than 600 CryoTech units in service today and the ever-growing number of R-744 refrigerant supply and fill stations offer solid evidence that CryoTech provides sustainable refrigeration transport for the future,” said Samvit Dutta, product leader for Self-Powered Truck and Cryogenics for Thermo King in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

“The Thermo King CryoTech range provides fleet managers with a much-needed refrigeration solution that offers maximum load protection while delivering high efficiency, low environmental impact and reduced noise levels.”

The SR-3 controller offers advanced fleet tracking capabilities as well, enabling users to retrieve diagnostics using a thumb drive. This unit will also feature the industry’s first dual-mode cellular/WiFi monitoring capabilities delivered through the Thermo King TracKing™ system.

The TracKing system is an industry-leading, web-enabled fleet management solution that gives users an overview of their transport fleet 24 hours a day. Remote monitoring provides vital information such as current box temperatures, set-point and air emissions and also sends an alarm if an issue arises.

The Thermo King CryoTech CT-10 truck and CT-15 trailer range offers maximum flexibility to fleet operators and can be tailored for a number of applications. The CT-10 and CT-15 units can be used in single temperature operations while the CT-10 Spectrum and CT-15 Spectrum have been designed for multi-temperature applications.

For more information, please contact Heidi McGuire.