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Thermo King and Envirotainer Celebrate the Shipment of 1000th Air100-RKN e1 Refrigeration Unit


Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, and Envirotainer, the world leader in secure cold chain logistics solutions within the healthcare and biotech industries, celebrate their partnership and shipment of the 1000th Air100-RKN e1 Refrigeration Unit.

A significant majority of all goods transported by air are pharmaceuticals, mainly temperature-sensitive drugs and valuable medicines. Thermo King and Envirotainer designed the Air100-RKN e1 refrigeration unit specifically to meet the critical shipping needs of the healthcare and aviation industries and overcome the industry’s main challenges: the need for safe transport and precise temperature control.

Unlike carbon dioxide (CO2) containers, the Air100-RKN e1 operates in-flight, on batteries and on the ground, through an electrical connection that maintains the air-cargo container’s inside temperature while charging the batteries.

“Partnership between Envirotainer and Thermo King has been a success from the start of the development, leading to the global launch of the first compressor-driven heating and cooling air cargo container in 2005,” said Nicholas Martin, director of research and development and quality assurance for Envirotainer.

“Since then, the Air100-RKN e1 has proven to be a reliable solution that has set a new standard in transporting temperature-sensitive products by air,” said Martin. “The joint research and development activities leading to this product and the manufacturing of the 1000th unit are true milestones.”

“Thermo King has been offering trusted expertise, innovation, partnership and performance to its partners and customers for the last 75 years,” said Pascal Richard, portfolio leader for air solutions, truck and trailer for Thermo King in the Europe, Middle East, India and Africa region. “We are glad that the 75th anniversary of the company has aligned with the shipment of the 1000th Air100-RKN e1 unit. We hope this milestone is just the next step in our partnership with Envirotainer toward delivering more innovative, sustainable solutions and services.”

The Air100-RKN e1 offers higher reliability, lower costs and better temperature control than CO2 containers. Autonomously running batteries and selected temperature can be maintained for over 100 hours in a typical shipment scenario and for a minimum of 30 hours in extreme conditions.

The refrigeration unit has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency for airworthiness and compliance with applicable regulations. Following Civil Aviation Authority global aircraft safety and maintenance regulations, only air-certified Thermo King dealers may maintain, service and repair the Air100-RKN e1 units under the oversight of an appropriate approved repair station. Thermo King technicians work globally with Envirotainer repair stations on site, ensuring peace of mind for the healthcare and aviation industries, and its customers.

All containers are operated with a worldwide ThermoKare Comfort Plus agreement which covers maintenance and assistance administered by Thermo King Total Kare.

For more information, please contact Heidi McGuire.