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Thermo King Athenia Bus Air-Conditioning Modules Optimize Operational Efficiency and Increase Sustainability


Current and upcoming market trends, such as a shift to alternative fuels, as well as increasingly stringent environmental regulations, are pushing transit agencies to run their bus fleets ‘greener’ and more efficiently. At the same time, a comfortable environment must be maintained throughout the vehicle for passengers and drivers.

New Athenia™ air conditioning modules from Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, offer a range of solutions that are in line with market trends as well as regulatory directives.

The Athenia E and EA modules, which will be available in early 2014, have been specifically designed for hybrid and electric buses. The new modules will feature unique power electronics and exclusive hermetically sealed technology which lower life cycle costs and increase efficiency.

The unique power electronics curtail energy use by using minimized cooling power to run the components as efficiently as possible. Thermo King independent benchmark tests completed during the development phase have demonstrated a minimum 15 percent reduction in energy consumption.

“Concerns about fuel costs and emissions are impacting our customers’ decisions,” said Gulsah Metinoz, Thermo King portfolio manager for bus and global marine in the Europe, Middle East, India and Africa region. “The new Athenia units are in line with market trends providing customers with innovative technology that anticipates industry regulations while providing reliable, energy-efficient performance, lower lifecycle costs and increased sustainability.”

AdvanTech Options

Differentiating options offered by Thermo King AdvanTech™ enable fleet managers to further enhance passenger comfort while providing improved air quality and noise reduction. 

AdvanTech options include:

  • GPS Control System: This cost-effective solution helps fleet managers program the air-conditioning unit for different modes in different geographical locations. For example, when entering a city, the unit will automatically go into quiet mode.
  • Fresh Air Control: By utilizing a CO2 sensor, optimum fresh air content of the bus interior can be assured during both peak and non-peak periods, depending on passenger load. This also enables fuel consumption reduction.
  • Clean Air Filter: Electrostatic power filtration technology increases air quality by capturing particles and allergens. The system, with an estimated lifetime of above 10 years, is also compliant with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and legislations against ozone depletion.

The technology used for the Athenia platform meets anticipated environmental regulations from the European Commission and other governing bodies which will require reduced CO2 and noise emissions. In addition, the technology allows for air quality guarantee during road transport.

The platform’s design and simplified installation contribute to improved performance reliability and reduced maintenance requirements. A worldwide network of dealers and varying levels of available service contracts help ensure that the systems keep performing at optimum levels.

For more information, please contact Heidi McGuire.