Thermo King

You win. Always.

SLXi.I trust. I win.

SLXi. I choose. I win.

SLXi. I control. I win.

Introducing SLXi

Whether you are a driver, retail manager, fleetowner or a business executive, you need to be in control of your choices. Because in your business, you know what’s best for you and your clients.

This is precisely where SLXi meets your demands.

SLXi is all about empowerment, about capability. It’s about being able to say “I can.” Thermo King has designed the SLXi so you can meet all your customers’ demands for the ultra-fresh produce delivered to ultra-tight schedules while limiting overall costs. Upsizing your performance while downsizing your operating costs.

In short, with SLXi, you win. Always.

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